The NeuroLog System is a compact, versatile & modular instrument which can be configured and easily re-configured for use in:

  • Extracellular recording (see NL100AK Headstage and NL104A AC Preamplifier).
  • Intracellular recording (see NL102G DC Preamplifier).
  • Pressure/force transducer recording (see NL108A Pressure Amplifier and NL109 Bridge Amplifier).
  • Multi-channel isolated EMG/EEG amplification (see NL844 and NL820A 4-channel isolated amplifiers).
  • Pulse generation timing (see NL301 Pulse Generator and NL304 Period Generator).
  • Electrical stimulation (see NL800A and various pulse timing modules).
  • Signal processing & conditioning (see NL125/6 Bandpass and NL134/5/6 Four Channel Filters).

The modular nature of the NeuroLog System means that in many cases a researcher will use one NeuroLog System as a hub to monitor several parameters of interest simultaneously as well as trigger other devices or provide electrical stimulation. The NeuroLog System is available with a choice of two cases/power supply units – 19″ rack mountable NL900D for up to 13 modules and the compact NL905 for up to 4 modules.

Not sure what modules you need for your NeuroLog System application? Please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 01707 328347 or by emailing us at to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, you can take a look at the various application notes we provide.

A/D Interface Modules
Digitimer offers a range of A/D Interface Modules such as NL201 – Spike Detection Trigger and the NL601 – Pulse Integrator each of which can be used for a number of different scientific applications. These modules accept an analogue signal, which is converted into digital outputs. The NL601 produces an analogue output proportional to the count, while the NL201 is an amplitude/window discriminator used for detection of neuronal action potentials (spikes), during electrophysiological recording. The Spike Detection Trigger is intended to be used as a recorder-matching amplifier or a bridge amplifier, while the Pulse Integrator is used to produce an analogue output.
Amplifier Modules
NeuroLog System includes a range of amplifier modules designed for a variety of electrophysiological recording applications. Our amplifiers are suitable for intracellular, extracellular microelectrode and gross electrode recordings as well as isolated multi-channel EEG/EMG. The range also includes bridge amplifiers for force and pressure measurements.
Analogue Modules
Digitimer provide a range of Analogue Switch Integrator and Modules.
The collection we have on offer includes the NL254 Ratemeter, NL506 Analogue Switch and the NL703 EMG Integrator.
Analogue Modules or Switches are an electronic component that act similarly to a relay yet they have no moving parts. They are designed to forward or pass on analogue signals.
Our stock is used to provide a variety of functions such as the creation of a signal to represent if there is any muscle activity and if so how strong it is. Features include adjustable threshold so that additional modules should not be necessary.
Digital Modules
Digital Modules and Digital Pulse Generators from Digitimer can interact with a range of devices and switches. Some Pulse Shift Modules can cooperate with an assortment of logic levels and varying voltages. They can also offer input, output, or a combination of digital lines.
Some of our Digital Modules include an LED indicator which illuminates to show when output levels are considered to be high. Each of the products we supply in this area are made to provide exceptional reliability and to produce results with a high accuracy. The NL405 replaces the discontinued NL401.
Generator Modules
Digitimer stock a range of Generator Modules such as the NL301 Pulse Generator, the NL304 Period Generator and NL412 Pulse. Capable of producing reliable, accurate results as well as a high level of functionality our selection of Pulse Generator Modules can perform to your needs as you require them – be it continuous use or through manual triggered uses. The Modules come in a variety of styles and sizes.
Stimulator Modules
Digitimer provide the NL510 Pulse Buffer, the NL512 Biphasic Buffer and the NL800A Constant Current Stimulus Isolator. Features include provision of interface between any biphasic signal generator and two stimulus isolators. Designed for low noise applications such as in vitro and in vivo electrophysiology. Suitable for stimulation through microelectrodes as well as with gross electrodes.
Neurolog Cases & Power Supplies
The NL905 Compact Case & Power Supply unit provides researchers with a smaller alternative to the NL900D Case. The NL905 has space for up to 4 modules and is fully compatible with all existing NeuroLog modules. As with the NL900D, modules can communicate via internal connections, reducing the number of cables required. Modules can communicate via internal connections, reducing the number of cables required.
Filter & Conditioner Modules
Signal Conditioning and Signal Filtering Modules here at Digitimer deliver on a per-module basis. Our Conditioner Modules include filters, amplifiers and attenuators. Signal conditioning is the handling and changing of a signal and how it is prepared for what will be the next step in the way it is processed.
Neurolog Accessories
To enable the user to make full use of the NeuroLog System, we make available a wide range of accessories – at least some will be required for each and every system. No accessory leads or connectors are supplied with the modules.
Transducers & Accelerometers
Digitimer offers a selection of accelerometer and pressure transducer components. They can be used to convert pressure into an analog signal and at an accelerated rate. Our full selection includes pressure transducers, force transducers and accelerometers. We are pressure transducers suppliers and our products can be used in conjunction with NL108A and NL109 amplifiers, each product with a number of applications.
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